Arbitration & Resolution of Disputes

Arbitration & Resolution of Disputes

Office of Lawyer treheeb Mathal Al-Mutairi considers that it has a good position in arbitration area according to its rich experience that is significantly successful in obtaining and taking part in awards of arbitration for its clients and for enriching the arbitration system in State of Kuwait. Its experience is deep-rooted judicially, procedurally and practically for individuals and corporate known to and dealt with by the Office constantly.

The Office of Lawyer treheeb Mathal Al-Mutairi, zealously, considers that disputes settlement and resolution by alternative methods is the real future for settling the disputes. Arbitration is no longer a proper option for many companies and various entities, due to the complicated and overlapped relationships governed by various legal systems similar to ordinary judiciary. Therefore, the Office of Lawyer treheeb Mathal Al-Mutairi has a creative team of a vision and ambition to overview the available notions, alternative and options to reach creative solutions across negotiation stages that help push negotiation process to reach an agreement for the clients' interests.

The Office of Lawyer treheeb Mathal Al-Mutairi deeply and sincerely boasts all international partners and heartedly thanks them for their support, assistance and guidance in the area of arbitration and resolution of disputes by alternative methods outside State of Kuwait.

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