Labor Lawsuits & Labor Disputes

Labor Lawsuits & Labor Disputes

Office of Lawyer treheeb Mathal Al-Mutairi is specialized with providing law consultancy and initiate the litigation action in the field of labor lawsuits and labor disputes for clients, whether companies or individuals. The office is featured with extensive experience and high competencies in the area of labor disputes in the private, oil and governmental labor sectors. Particularly: 

  • Claims for consideration of leaves balance and the right in cash allowances and special incentives.
  • Claims for promotion and annual competency reports.
  • Claims for indemnification of arbitral dismissal.
  • Claims for remuneration or employment relationship termination.
  • Claims for adding service terms.
  • Claims for end of service remuneration.
  • Claims for indemnification of work injuries.
  • Group labor claims.

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