Banking Transactions & Investment

Banking Transactions & Investment

The Office of Lawyer treheeb Mathal Al-Mutairi has the legal and technical experience and the human and technical capabilities necessary for providing the legal consultancy in the field of banking transactions, finance and investment, in addition to the applicable procedures in such area at the relevant entities and authorities, particularly the following:

  • Providing the legal consultancy on all forms of investment, including, for example, financial, real estate, industrial, commercial and service direct and indirect investment, public and private investment and technological investment.
  • Providing the legal consultancy on the financial and investment financing, joint investment funds and protective funds and following up the requirements and actions at the Central Bank of Kuwait and the relevant authorities, in addition to the fulfilling the applicable conditions and enforceable provisions.
  • Providing the legal consultancy on the commercial and investment business.
  • Providing the legal consultancy on all tax issues.
  • Establishment of banks and the economic, financial and investment entities engaged in the area of investment and finance.
  • Providing the legal consultancy in connection to local and international banking finance contracts and agreements, for example contracts of loans, credit facilities and murabaha, in addition to banking settlements and rescheduling.

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